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      09 6341111


      Open Hour

      Mon - Fri: 8:30am - 5:30pm
      Sat: 9:30am - 2:30pm


      TRENZ manufacturers use quality materials for our products. We are confident that with the correct installation and normal use, our products will provide many years of trouble-free use. In the instance when you identify faults with your bathroomware products within specified timeframes as shown our warranty section below from the date of purchase, we will provide replacement product or replacement parts (or the nearest equivalent at our option) free of charge as part of the warranty.

      We shall not be responsible for any other incidental or consequential damages attributable to a product defect or to the repair or exchange of a defective product, all of which are expressly excluded from this warranty. This warranty does not cover plumbing costs or builders costs if product is found to be faulty after installed.
      The following are excluded from our warranty:

      1. Improper use
      2. Installation other than by a registered plumber or registered builder
      3. Damage caused by installation
      4. Installation other than in accordance with the Manufacturer’s instructions, regulations and standards which govern the water supply and sewerage plumbing requirements of the location of the particular plumbing or installation of the products
      5. Damages made to the plated or painted surfaces that have been cleaned with other than mild soap, water and a soft damp cloth
      6. Leaking as a result of failure to use an in-line strainer or filter on lines to tapware incorporating a ceramic cartridge or ceramic disk mechanism, the registered plumber will know that debris in the line which reaches tapware with ceramic cartridge can irreversibly damage the cartridge
      7. Toughened Glass Spontaneous breakage

      Please Note:
      Trenz does not warrant spontaneous breakage of toughened glass and shall not be liable for any damages, injuries or death resulting from such breakages.
      Trenz assumes no responsibility for failures resulting from improper use or handling, transportation, installation not in accordance to normal industry practice, faulty building construction or design, building materials used or applied on glass that has adverse effects on the products, exposure to adverse environmental conditions including but not limiting to alkalis, acids or sharp objects or works that may have a detrimental effect on the glass, improper cleaning practices or by the act of God.
      As we do not install our products, our warranty does not extend to the installation of any replacement parts. If a problem is identified during installation, the registered plumber or registered builder should contact us immediately to resolve the problem.
      This warranty is transferable and proof of purchase (original invoice) is required. Warranty claims should be sent to:
      TRENZ Group Limited
      PO Box 109710 
      Newmarket, Auckland

      Warranty periods (from the date of purchase) are as follows:

      12 months warranty:


      Acrylic shower tray and liner;

      2 Years warranty:

      Framed Shower;

      LED mirrors;

      LED mirror cabinet;

      Electronic component for i.toilet

      3 Years warranty:

      Shower slider set with hand shower;

      Vitreous china basin;

      Heated towel rail;

      Mirror and mirror cabinet without LED;

      Enamel steel / acrylic bath / man-made stone bath;

      Man-made engineering bench top;

      5 Years Warranty:

      Frameless glass shower installed by Trenz (otherwise 18 months warranty on hardware only); 

      7 Years Warranty:

      Vitreous china toilet suite (Flushing system for toilet suite 5 Years warranty);

      TRENZ brand tapware;

      Ceramic cartridge for tapware (Without in-line strainer fitted, warranties will be void);


      10 Years Warranty:

      European brand tapware;

      Ceramic cartridge for European brand tapware (Without in-line strainer fitted, warranties will be void);

      Toilet pan for i.toilet.

      The customer acknowledges that:
      • They do not rely in any way on us in relation to the use, fixing, installation or incorporation of the goods.
      • We have no responsibility for the works of any tradesperson in installation of the goods, whether or not we may have recommended a tradesperson to you.
      • Whilst we may assist with and advise you in the selection of goods, it is your responsibility to ensure that the goods are suitable for the purpose you are using them for and that they comply with relevant regulations and specific requirements.
      • It is essential that goods be installed in accordance with manufacturer’s directions & guidelines and relevant New Zealand building standards. We will have no responsibility for product failure caused by non-observance of any such directions, guidelines & standards.
      • Goods leaving Trenz warehouse are safely packaged. Claims for damage or loss in transit must be made against the carrier.

      Return Policy:
      • Where goods are accepted for credit they must be delivered at the buyer’s expense back to Trenz Bathroom store from where they were purchased in original condition with packaging.
      • Items such as special orders or custom finish items are not returnable, exchangeable or refundable.
      • Goods to be returned must be in their original unused condition, specifications and packaging, along with any accompanying accessories or instructions together with the invoice and/or packing slip accompanying the goods. Goods cannot be returned if they have been damaged, altered or modified.
      • Merchandise may be returned or exchanged for store credit only in the case where the product is proven to be faulty and must be accompanied by a receipt.
      • Trenz reserves the right to levy a restocking fee against any returns we may agree to accept. Restocking fee is 20% of the purchased price and levied at Trenz’s discretion.